Mallaig Museum

Mallaig & District Museum became a reality in 1991, when Leslie Haglund purchased the first Baptist Church and later donated it to the museum.

 The church has the original living quarters which was a home for the preacher and his family.

The family also donated many beautiful paintings and carvings done by their father Enock Haglund.

The museum has since collected many local artifacts.

A replica of Grassy Island School was later built along with an office and last year a shed was added.

Mallaig & District Museum happily welcomes visitors from near and far.

Opens June 1st to September 15th, Tuesday to Saturday.

Will open Sunday upon request.

Please phone (780) 635-3757 for further information.

The Museum also sells Mallaig History Books.

Hosts an outdoor pancake breakfast second Saturday in September and has a Pie Social and Auction in the Spring.

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