Historic Sites

Elk Point Historical Mural – The Town of Elk Point has several historical tributes. One is a hundred foot long mural that portrays the community’s vibrant past.

Another is a large hand carved wooden statue of Peter Fidler which stands at the town entrance. Fidler was a surveyor with the Hudson Bay Company who built the Buckingham House Fur Trade Fort next to the Northwest Company’s, Fort George. Both Forts are now a Provincial historic site located southeast of Elk Point.

Fern Chapel School – Take a step back in time as you visit this one room country school. The Fern Chapel School, built in 1913, is located on its original site in the Ferguson Flats district. It can be reached by going 17km. east of Highway 41 on the Moose Hills Road or 10km north of the Iron Horse Trail at Lindbergh. It is a log building on a rock foundation and was used as a school until 1949. The school has been restored to its original state in every detail and is now a historic site. Visits to this unique site can be arranged during the summer by phoning (780) 724-2353. Tours are welcome.

Fort George and Buckingham House Provincial Historic Site – The Northwest Company and Hudson Bay Company, rival forts, built side by side in 1792. The era is brought to life through a multimedia story of the fur trade. Take a guided tour back through time as you visit the gallery to learn about the lives of the early fur traders. Meet the “country wife” – the link between two cultures. Stroll down the interpretive path to the archaeological sites of the Forts. The view will take your breath away! Open daily from 10:00 – 6:00pm, May 15th to Labour Day.
(780) 724-2611.

Heinsburg Historic Railway Theme Park & Water Tower Campsite – Heinsburg is known as the “Busiest Ghost Town in Alberta”. This community is the eastern trailhead for Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail and has one of the few intact wooden water towers on its original site. Their Railway park is an excellent camping sot and, since it is nestled on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, Heinsburg boasts an ever-changing view of the scenic valley. There are monthly music jamborees and an occasional wagon trek.

The Lac La Biche Mission - Lac La Biche is located in East Central Alberta, approximately 220 km North-East of Edmonton. Come and discover our Western Canadian history.

The Lac La Biche Mission was established in the 19th Century, on the banks of a magnificent lake and within an immense and rich network of waterways.


  •  A destiny written by its geography 
  •  A historical crossroads of trade and colonization paths 
  •  A provincial historic resource and a national historical site 
  •  A remarkable natural environment 
  •  A migratory bird sanctuary 
  •  A unique human heritage

A fascinating history. An important geographical crossroads and supply depot, the Lac La Biche Mission was officially established in 1853. It was one of the first Albertan sites for exchanges between the Native, Metis, Francophone and Anglophone populations. The Oblate Missionaries, the Grey Nuns and the Daughters of Jesus built this Mission to be the root of colonization through their devotion in education, health care and commitment towards the populations of the Northern Alberta and Western Canada. Visit us at www.laclabichemission.com or phone
(780) 623-3274

Métis Crossing – Métis Crossing is located within a National Historic Site on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Métis Crossing is Alberta’s premier centre for Métis cultural interpretation, education, gatherings and business development. Still in its developmental stages, this 512 acre site is being designed to engage and excite visitors. Programming encourages active participation of visitors in activities that promote an appreciation of the Métis people, customs and celebrations. Visitors can come and experience a warm Métis welcome, then try a jig or walk the peaceful nature trail. On site tours by costumed interpreters lead you through the lifestyle of the early Métis in this area. Visit www.metiscrossing.com for details on our annual events. Métis Crossing is open from Victoria Day - Labour Day. RV Site & Camping sites available. 15kms south of Smoky Lake on 855. Site phone (780) 656-2229.

Victoria Settlement Provincial Historical Site and Victoria Trail – Discover history on the North Saskatchewan River along the Victoria Trail, where Reverend George McDougall founded a Methodist Mission for the Cree in 1862. The Hudson’s Bay Company soon followed. Built in 1864, their clerk’s quarters remain today and is one of Alberta’s oldest buildings. The Mission and Fort became the nucleus for a Métis community whose river lots extended six miles along the bank of the river. You can also participate in a Murder Mystery and unravel 3 deaths set in the late 1800’s (led by a costumed interpreter). Must be booked in advance. 10km. south of Smoky Lake via Sec. Highway #855 and 6km. eastalong the historic Victoria Trail. Open 10:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. daily from May 15th to Labour Day. (780)656-2333.

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